We R 3C, Inc. is a non-profit corporation authorized by the State of New York to support individuals and groups in the learning and practicing of the meaning of respect. This is achieved through process-based programming materials that encourage the development of personal relationships as a foundation for intrinsically motivated, positive behaviors within a variety of communities.

The We R 3C™ Program recognizes that each of us is a member in a number of communities – family, school, classroom, workplace, faith-based group, social service, club, youth organization – shifting and repopulating, as we move through our day, our life, our world. Even-though one’s situation or setting may change, what we believe to be a constant variable is a call for individuals to act with respect, kindness and compassion in any community. The We R 3C™ Program provides the how to, the motivation, and the encouragement to begin and sustain a behavior of caring, allowing all to learn about each other, to recognize and appreciate what each person brings to that particular community.


The skills and methods taught in the We R 3C™ Program help communities and their members avoid and address behaviors that are inappropriate and frequently harmful to the community members. Rooted in their capacity to create the intrinsically motivated desire to care for one another and anchored in their ability to develop and express understanding, compassion, empathy and forgiveness to and for one another, the We R 3C, Inc. skills and methods change the community paradigm from one of self-centeredness to that of acknowledging and addressing the well being of others.

The We R 3C™ Program helps the community understand its responsibility to itself and to its members, while the individual members will recognize the value of the community to themselves. As a holistic application, We R 3C, Inc. facilitates the Creation of Caring Communities where the absence of inappropriate social behaviors such as bullying, can become a reality.


We R 3C, Inc. presents a holistic approach to the topic of Character Education and Development, as it relates to bullying and social behaviors within varying communities. The foundation of our work is mirrored in Jean Piaget’s stages of Cognitive and Moral Development. Specifically, the We R 3C™ Program focuses on moving the participant from the Egocentric Stage of Development, where their attention is fixed on their own wants and needs, to the Concrete Operational Stage of Development. which includes the elimination of egocentrism and allows a child to understand another child’s perspective whether they are in agreement or not.

In order to achieve the above goal, We R 3C, Inc. has designed a sequential process-based learning curriculum that, when delivered by Theme Leaders or Teachers, results in program participants having the methods, skills and ability necessary for developing personal relationships that demonstrate the recognition of value in each and every member of their community.