laughter1Beginnings™ is We R 3C, Inc.’s character education curriculum for children ages 5-7.

The curriculum offers process-based lessons, activities, and theme-based music which create and instill in children awareness, recognition, and appreciation of their community. This awareness, recognition, and appreciation of the likenesses and differences in each other is the first step in leading them to acknowledge, support and utilize the positive qualities each one of us can offer in helping to create a caring community.

As a curriculum, Beginnings™ confronts the egocentric stage of development, which is where 5, 6, and 7 year olds exist, and helps the children to take a look ‘outside their ego’ and become aware of what’s around them. In a real sense, the curriculum guides the young children past their egocentric blinders in three curricular themes:


Recognizing the Same and Different - Kindergarten-aged children (5 yrs. old)

Lesson 1 – The Same
Lesson 2 – Different

Appreciating the Same and Different - First grade-aged children (6 yrs. old)

Lesson 1 – The Same, Yet Different
Lesson 2 – Differences Are Good, Necessary and Useful

Me and Others - Second grade-aged children (7 yrs. old)

Lesson 1 – How to Learn about Me and Others
Lesson 2 – Me in My World

Beginnings™ sequentially sets the stage for the introduction of the We R 3C™ Flagship Curriculum, ages 8-18, which further helps children proceed from the Egocentric Stage of Cognitive Development into Piaget’s Concrete Operational Stage, developing behaviors that are intrinsically motivated demonstrations of respect, caring, compassion and sharing.