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Volunteers-WeR3C“We R 3C, Inc. is dedicated to building and sustaining caring communities through programs which develop and celebrate respect, kindness and compassion.”

Above is the mission and vision statement of We R 3C, Inc., a nonprofit organization. The organizational vision speaks to the creation of caring communities while its mission seeks to accomplish this goal by offering programming in the form of themed lessons that celebrate respect, kindness and compassion.

We R 3C, Inc. is looking for volunteers who share the same vision and mission who would like to work with us in the preparation of program materials, marketing and communication. If you would be interested in helping us to help others in learning the Meaning of Respect and how to value one another, please complete the form below and click “submit”. Once complete, we will contact you with additional information.

Thank you ever so much for your interest and concern and we most certainly look forward to your help!


Robert T. Purifico
CEO & President, We R 3C, Inc.

Bart Dentino
Program Founder

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