Kim Alfes

Thank you We R 3C, Inc. for the great presentation and workshop.  I can’t wait to get started with the program.  From the very first meeting I knew this would be a wonderful fit for Wyoming.  Thanks again!

Kim AlfesWyoming Central School District, NY
Founder and Teacher Patrick Kruchten

“I believe that We R 3C, Inc. is critical for the classroom environment and beyond. The program helps program participants see, at a concrete level, that developing community takes time, effort, and is worth the endeavor. This program will go a long way to help classroom teachers create the type of environment that will allow the free flow of ideas, as well as the acceptance that we are all important individuals with something to offer others.”

Founder and Teacher Patrick KruchtenQuest International Baccalaureate Elementary School
Richard Greene

“The design of the We R 3C™ Program’s approach to character education and development addresses the upper stages of Kohlberg’s ‘Stages of Moral Development’ in a way that many other programs do not.”

Richard GreenePrincipal, Jefferson Ave. Elementary School, Perinton, NY

“This is my 7th year at Hilton, which includes many, many Superintendent’s Conferences, workshops, Tech presentations, etc…. However, the program presentation of We R 3C, Inc. was simply, The Best!  You guys have discovered that what really helps the classroom click and flourish are the relationships between students and teachers… it’s not all about hi-tech machines, computers, and the like, but rather about how we relate to and treat our kids!”

TeacherMerton Williams Middle School, Hilton, NY
Mr. Scott B.

“Thanks for your We R 3C, Inc. presentation. I found myself very reflective toward my relationships with my students. It is my strength and I was reminded that I must return to my strength.”

Mr. Scott B.Meagher Merton Williams Middle School, Hilton, NY
The Rev, Barbara K. Tipton

“The We R 3C™ Program provoked surprising learning on the part of participants. Even in our small and seemingly intimate and relational congregation, people who had known each other for years discovered new things about their assigned partners. New friendships were generated and old ones deepened. We were reminded again as if for the first time of what we already should know about respect, compassion, and empathy; and additionally, we were given new ways to think about our life in our community and how we see, treat, and react to our fellow travelers.”

The Rev, Barbara K. TiptonFirst Presbyterian Church, Elba, New York
Tonya Lustumbo

“One of the things I especially liked about the We R 3C, Inc. presentation was the chance for the students to practice what they learned right away.  In other programs, students are taught what to do in a situation, but the situation is never practiced.  The practice was an important part of the program. Also, during the practice session, as students were listening to their partner, I observed many positive things.  First, the body language was noted as listeners leaned toward their partner and looked them in the eyes.  I also noted many smiles, especially from the students who had the chance to talk about themselves and know that someone cared about their responses.

About two weeks later our grade level had a field trip.  I enjoyed watching the students from all three classes mingling with one another during our lunch break.  The students did not feel the need to stay with their homeroom buddies, but actually sat next to a “new” friend who had shared the same experience, riding on the Erie Canal.  Our grade level truly benefited from the We R 3C, Inc. presentation.  I am anxious to learn about other parts of the program as well.  Nice job!”

Tonya Lustumbo4th Grade Teacher, Kendall Elementary School, NY
Justin Staebell

“I can honestly say that I have attended 100′s of assemblies at KCS and enjoyed most of them.  However, your We R 3C, Inc. presentation was much different.  It provoked reflection about how I conduct myself as a teacher, husband, and father.  I have the tendency to reverse a conversation back to me.  I am consciously trying to ask questions and listen.  I found this difficult for the first few days but am noticing I am learning so much more. I think you’re onto something here that is pretty profound!

The delivery was on the mark!  I thought the analogies cited were relatable to the kids and I could actually see this working for adults in a business environment or as a larger in-service where school districts would send representatives to become familiar with We R 3C, Inc.  Either way, stick with this and congratulations.

Justin Staebell4th Grade Teacher, Kendall Elementary School, NY
Anya Pastecki

“When I first attended the We R 3C, Inc. presentation of the value of respect, I knew right away how important it was for my students to hear about valuing each other, as well as learning more about who their classmates were as people.  What I didn’t realize was how it would affect my own life.  As the weeks went by and I reminded my students almost daily to value each other, I started thinking about my own relationships in my personal life.  I thought about how I value my husband and sons, but most importantly, how I SHOW that I value them.  I also thought about my mother and how I haven’t valued her over the years.  I made the conscious decision to really start listening to her and learning who she was.  In other words, I needed to start to value who she was and the experiences of her life.  Throughout the course of the last six months, I have learned how to truly value my mother, and our relationship as a mother and daughter has gone to a new level that I haven’t experienced before.  I can now say that she is my mother AND my friend.”

Anya Pastecki5th grade teacher, Central School, Elba, NY

“I don’t know if I can go through another school year without implementing strategies and concepts of We R 3C, Inc. I found them to play such an important part in building my classroom community that I will always incorporate the aspects of this program into my classroom.”

TeacherProspect Elementary School, Attica, NY
Tonya Lustumbo

“We R 3C™ is a wonderful Program that is on track and hits the mark in the area of character education.  Staff and students felt it was a uniquely different and original way of looking at the issue of respect as it relates to the topic of bullying.”

Tonya Lustumbo4th Grade Teacher, Kendall Elementary School, NY